In this video, we create some dummy content, and then restore the site from a previous backup to see how it reverts all changes and new content since the backup.

Restoring from a backup

In order for a restore to make any sense, I'm going to create an article and show you how the backup will revert the site to the state before the article was created.

Create some content

(I'm going to use the Devel Generate module to create some content)
Okay, now that that's done, if we go to the homepage, we'll see all of our new content.

Let's say that something awful happened to our site and it was hacked or otherwise compromised. We can restore the database to the back up we just created using the uploads tab in the Backup and Migrate settings.

Restore our backup

  • Go to "Configuration => System => Bakcup and Migrate => Restore" (admin/config/system/backup_migrate/restore)

Upload a Backup File

Click the "Choose File" button, and find a backup file on your local machine.

Advanced Options

You can choose to take the site off-line and display a message to let users know that you are temporarily off-line, and that you will be back online shortly

Restore the database

Now, you can simply click the "Restore now" button.

Checking our site

Now, we can go back to the homepage and we should see that all of our content is gone. That's because all of that content was created after the backup was made.

So you'll notice that it's very easy to restore a backup once it's created. What many people fail to do though, is create backups on a regular basis. We're going to see how we can easily create automatic backups when we look at the "Destinations" and "Schedules" tabs. But first, let's take a look in the "Profiles" tab.