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These are the awesome businesses that have stepped up to help make the content of this site completely FREE to you! Many of them have even agreed to offer discounts to the Modules Unraveled audience, so check them out and let them know you appreciate it!

Pantheon is a container based platform engineered to serve your Drupal website faster than any other web host.

If you're spending time on sysadmin tasks, you're losing time for what you do best: developing new features and making the user experience fantastic. When you spin up a site on Pantheon, everything you need to start developing is configured automatically. While you maintain control via our real-time dashboard, command line interface, or RESTful API, you never have to touch a server again. And Pantheon’s developer tools are second to none. When your developers have the best tools to do their jobs and aren’t wasting time provisioning servers, your team can be more agile, use fewer resources, and drive your business forward faster.

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ModulesUnraveled.com isn't just the place to find an amazing podcast, you can also watch video tutorials!

Since 2012 Video tutorials (with full text documentation for those less video-inclined) all about Drupal modules, tips and techniques have been released on ModulesUnraveled.com.

These video and podcast creation and publication is supported by people just like you! All of the content is free, but if you've learned something awesome, you can make a donation to show your appreciation!

With Wistia, you’ll find the video hosting platform you’ve been looking for!

Not only do they provide incredible analytics, including engagement graphs and individual viewer heat maps, but they allow you to completely customize the look, feel and function of your video player to match your branding, include pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll calls to action, social sharing options, and other features that will drive traffic to your business’s website.

As an added benefit, they have fantastic how-to videos in their learning center just for you to help improve your video production (like their down and dirty lighting kit that I use in every one of my videos) and they give you great insight into their company culture.

Extended Free Trial!

Now, normally when you sign up, you’ll get a 15 day free trial. But just to prove how awesome they are, they’ve setup an extended 45 day free trial just for the Modules Unraveled audience!

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