50 Days until DrupalCon New Orleans! | Modules Unraveled

Can you believe it?! There are just 50 days until the first session of DrupalCon New Orleans!

I'm so honored to have been selected to present Drush and Composer and Git - Oh My! (Advanced Site-building Tools and Techniques for Drupal 8) this year.

It'll be my first session at a DrupalCon, and I really can't express how excited I am!

So, just for fun, since there are 50 days until sessions, I just created a coupon code "dcna2016" that will give you 50% off the first cycle of ANY plan!

That means:
* One month is $14.50
* Six months is $78.00
* One year is just $139 (That's $17 less than the regular 6 month price!)

I hope you take advantage of this and learn some Drush, Git, Organic Groups or even Command Line Basics!

Not to mention the Drupal 8 videos that will be coming out soon!

Browse the videos currently available, and use the code "dcna2016" at checkout!