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Rate Module Project Page

Introducing the Rate module video series!

The Rate module is one of those hidden gem modules that really should get more attention than it does. When you want to rate content on your site, you probably head straight for the Fivestar module or maybe even the Vote Up/Down module. While each of these have their strengths, the Rate module is so much more flexible than even the two combined!

It's been around since 2010(!) and if you've ever built a site with Drupal 6, you'll understand why it's been described as "The cck model for voting with Drupal".

In fact, it's so amazing that I produced an entire 12 part video series walking you through the ins and outs of all its functionality. Things like:

  • The various rate widgets (Thumbs up, Thumbs up / down, Number up / down, Fivestar, Emotion (this makes me mad, angry...), Yes / no, Slider and Custom)
  • Viewing rating results (With charts!)
  • Adding rating widgets to Views
  • Filtering views by ratings
  • Sorting views by ratings
  • Filtering (and/or sorting) views by multiple ratings
  • Disabling rate widgets after a specified amount of time (or at a specific time/date)
  • Detecting Bots for more accurate results

Series Overview

The series is complete, so head on over to the series page now, and take a look for yourself.

Here's the overview video to give you a better idea of what you'll see: