New Series: Search API | Modules Unraveled

The Search API series is underway!

(Watch the Overview now)

A while back, I asked everyone on the newsletter what they wanted to learn. The #2 request was Search. It seems there are people out there not happy with the default search capabilities of Drupal. They wanted to know how to use Search API as a replacement to utilize Facets and Solr. They specifically wanted to know how to search word parts, file contents, and display results with Views.

Once I looked into the Search API module, and all of the contributed modules that extend it, I quickly realized that that was just a fraction of what can be done with Search API. So the Search API series will cover all of those and more.

  • The Default Search Module (And Its Limitations)
  • Installing and Enabling Search API Module
  • Using the Default Database as the Search Server
  • Setting up Apache Solr and Search API Solr Search
  • Creating a Search API Solr Server
  • Creating a Search API Index
  • Creating a Search Page Using Search API Pages
  • Creating a More Flexible Search Page Using Search Views
  • Creating Faceted Search Interfaces
  • Using Search API Autocomplete to Suggest Search Terms While Typing
  • Suggesting Alternative Search Phrases with Search API Spellcheck
  • Searching for Content Based on Location with Search API Location
  • Using a Slider to Filter Search Results With a Numeric Field with Search API Ranges
  • Searching the Content of Attached Files with Search API Attachments
  • Saving Searches to be Notified of New Content

The Overview is already published, and more videos will be coming shortly. So, stay tuned!