What do you know about business in Drupal? | Modules Unraveled

As you probably know, I'm always asking for suggestions about who to have on the podcast, and what you want to hear about.

One listener responded via email asking about the business aspect of Drupal, and I thought it'd be best to some get community feedback before I have any one person on the show to talk about it. After all, there are as many approaches to business as there are people to talk about it.

So, here's the email I received. Please leave your comments below. I'll be quoting responses in the eventual podcast, and may even ask if you'd be willing to come on and talk about it yourself (though that's not guaranteed!).

"I’d be interesting in hearing more “Business of Drupal” episodes.

Making the leap from freelancer to a small web design business.

Pricing projects and client contracts.

Sales and finding new business.

Biding and responding to RFP’s"

Have at it! and thanks in advance for your responses!

P.S. Please include your Twitter handle or drupal.org id so that I can contact you... if you want to be contacted. Otherwise, don't include it. :)