This video will show how to add links to external as well as internal paths. It also demonstrates adding in-text links and how to link to files using the IMCE file browser.

LInking to external paths

If you want to link to an external webpage, you can simply type/paste it into the “Target path” field.

  • Go to “Content => Add content => Article” (node/add/article)
  • Title: Test
  • Click the “Linkit” button
  • Target path:
  • Click “Insert link”

Linking to internal paths

  • Click the “Linkit” button
  • In the search content box, enter a few letters to search. If there are multiple results, you’ll see them separated by entity type (Articles, Basic pages and Users).
  • Select a result. When you do, you’ll see the “Target path” is automatically filled in.
  • In the “Attributes” dropdown, you’ll find the title attribute that we enabled in the Linkit profile.
    • Title: Awesome content
  • Click “Insert link”

Once the link is inserted, you’ll notice that Linkit automatically uses the title of the content for the link text. If we hover over the link, you’ll see the title text popup, and if we switch to the plain text editor you can see the that it’s using the relative path to the content and title=”Awesome content” has been added to the link.

When I click “Preview”, we’ll see that Pathologic has converted the relative path to the full URL, which means that this link will work wherever it’s displayed.

Adding a link to existing text

You can also link specific text, instead of the content title.

  • Type “View my profile”
  • Highlight the word “profile”
  • Click the Linkit button
  • Search for “Brian”
  • Click “Insert link”

Now, when we preview the article, we’ll see that the word “profile” is linking to my user profile. So, Linkit knows to use the highlighted word for the link text if a word is highlighted, or add the content title when nothing is selected.

Linking to files using the IMCE browser

Finally, we can link to files using the IMCE browser.

  • Type “Fill out our form”
  • Highlight the word “form”
  • Click the “Linkit” button
  • Click the “Open file browser” button
  • Select a file
  • Click “Insert link”

Now, when you click “preview”, you’ll see that the word “form” is linking to the document.