This video returns to the CKEditor profile configuration, and looks at the “Editor Appearance” section, where you can configure the CKEditor UI.

Default state and toggle

Next we come to the “Editor Appearance” dropdown. Here, you can choose whether you’d like CKEditor to be enabled, or disabled by default. And whether you’d like to show the “disable/enable” toggle to allow users to switch between plain text, and wysiwyg input.

User interface color

Then you have the option to select a custom interface color. The default is a light grey, but if you click the “UI Color Picker”, you can choose a color that compliments your theme. Simply click the color picker, then you can select a color using the UI, select a predefined color set, or enter your preferred RGB or Hex color value. (I’ll enter #2d2d2d for a dark grey) When you’re satisfied, click “OK”.