Using the Tab Key to Autocomplete Commands

When using commands like "ls" and "cd" you can use the Tab key to autocomplete file and directory names. This means that from the "Downloads" directory, I can type "cd E" and press the Tab key to autocomplete "Examples", then I can type "E" and press the Tab key again to autocomplete "Example1". This makes the whole command "cd Examples/Example1/". Now, I can press Enter to move into that directory. As you can see, this makes typing much faster.

Note that autocomplete will only work when the text you've entered is unique. In my case, the "Example1" directory has three directories inside it: Test, TextFiles and VeryImportant.

So, if I type "cd Te" and press the Tab key, nothing will happen, because both "Test" and "TextFiles" start with "Te". At this point, you can press the Tab key again, and only the options that match your text will be listed to help you select the correct one. (The "VeryImportant" directory is not listed because it doesn't match the "Te" string.)

Now that I know why it didn't autocomplete, I can simply type "s" and press the Tab key to autocomplete the command to "cd Test/". When I press Enter, I'll be in the Test directory.

One final note is that when using the Tab to autocomplete the "/" will automatically be added after directories. This does not affect the command, it works the same with or without the "/". Having it there automatically just makes it easier to continue typing the next directory or file name.