In this video, you will learn how to create a simple bookmarking system using the Flag module.

Create a new flag

  • Go to "Structure => Flags => Add flag" (admin/structure/flags/add)
  • Select "Nodes"
  • (Continue)
  • Title: Bookmarks
  • Messages
    • Flag link text: Bookmark this
    • Flag link description: Add this post to your bookmarks
    • Flagged message: This post has been added to your bookmarks
    • Unflag link text: Remove from Bookmarks
    • Unflag link description: Remove this post from your bookmarks.
    • Unflagged message: This post has been removed from your bookmarks
  • Bundles: Article
  • Display Options
    • Display in entity links:
      • Display on Full content view mode
      • Display on Teaser view mode
  • (Save flag)

Next, Let's create a view that will show each user content that they have bookmarked.