In this video, we will create a flag that will allow users to flag content as offensive.

Create a new flag

  • Go to "Structure => Flags => Add flag" (admin/structure/flags/add)
  • Select "Nodes"
  • (Continue)
  • Title: Flag as offensive
  • Messages
    • Flag link text: Flag as offensive
    • Flag link description: Flag this post as offensive
    • Flagged message: This post has been flagged as offensive content
    • Unflag link text: Unflag as offensive
    • Unflag link description: Unflag this post as offensive.
    • Unflagged message: This post has been unflagged as offensive
  • Bundles: Article
  • Display Options
    • Display in entity links:
      • Display on Full content view mode
      • Display on Teaser view mode
  • (Save flag)

Now, if we head home, we will see the Flag as offensive link on each article. This is great, but there isn’t any way for an administrator to manage content that has been flagged. Let's go ahead and create a view for content administrators that will list all content that has been flagged as offensive.