In this video, we'll explore the final configuration settings of LoginToboggan. These include configuring redirects for when users register and confirm their accounts and having LoginToboggan display the login form on access denied (403) pages.


  • Go to "Configuration => System => LoginToboggan" (admin/config/system/logintoboggan)
  • Redirect path on registration: node/1 (By default, users will be redirected to the homepage when they create an account. However, if you have selected "Immediate login", users will be redirected to their user account. This field allows you to override both of those options and redirect users to a page of your choosing on registration).
  • Redirect path on confirmation: (Normally, when a user confirms their account, they are taken to their user page. You can override that by entering another page here. The example they give is "user/%uid/edit" which would be useful if users do not create their passwords at registration. This path would take them to the page where they can set their password.)
  • [x] Override destination parameter (This will simply override any destination parameter that may be present in the URL)


  • Present login form on access denied (403)
    • [x] Enabled (This will present the login form on access denied pages. This is particularly useful when someone tries to access an administrative page, but is not logged in. They will be prompted for their account credentials instead of just getting a blank page.)
  • Display login successful message
    • [x] Enabled (Upon log in, users will see a "Log in successful" message.)
  • Minimum password length: Choose "8" (LoginToboggan provides the ability to require a minimum password length. This is very basic, but does the job. If you have more extensive password requirements that you would like to enforce, the Password Policy module will probably suit you better.)
  • (Save configuration)

Let's create one more account to see our new settings in action.

This time, if I try to enter a password that is too short, I'll be prompted to enter at least 8 characters. And when I successfully create the account, you'll see the "Log in successful for [username]" message. You'll also notice that I'm redirected to node/1. (It doesn't exist on this site, but the redirect is working, and that's what's important.) And finally, if I logout and try to go to an administrative page, I'll be prompted to login. So all of our settings are working correctly.

One thing that's not configurable by LoginToboggan, is a welcome email after the user validates their account. Luckily, we can use the Rules module to create and send that email. So, in the next video, we'll install the Rules module, and create a rule that will send a welcome email to users when they validate their account.