This video shows how to install the Mollom module on your site, and configure it to communicate with the Mollom service.

Installing the Mollom module

  • Download and install Mollom
  • Once it's installed, you'll find it in the "Other" section of your module page. Enable it.

Configuring Mollom

  • Go to the mollom configuration page at "Configuration => Content authoring => Mollom content moderation => Settings” (admin/config/content/mollom/settings)

Access Keys

  • Enter your public and private keys into the corresponding fields.

When Mollom is down or unreachable

  • Scroll down and choose what to do when the Mollom service is down or unreachable. (I'd recommend "Block all form submissions", but it's up to you).
  • [ ] Redirect local moderation pages to the hosted Mollom moderation system (This is currently in beta, so I’m not going to be covering it in this series, but feel free to check it out. I think it’s going to be pretty cool once it’s up and running. Update: This is now out of beta! Checkout Acquia’s introduction video at
  • [x] Link to Mollom's privacy policy on forms protected by textual analysis (One way that Mollom can protect your forms is through text analysis, we'll get to this in a minute, but basically it's going to "read" what the user enters into the fields, so you're required to notify them about data privacy. If you uncheck this box, make sure that you do notify users about data privacy in a way that corresponds with the terms of service.)
  • [x] Enable testing mode: This will let you test mollom without having to flag yourself as spam just to see what happens. We can enter the words "ham", "unsure", or "spam" into protected text fields to trigger the corresponding actions. We can also enter either "correct" or "incorrect" into captcha fields (instead of the actual text that is displayed) to trigger the appropriate actions there. As it notes, this option should be disabled in production environments, or users will not be able to successfully complete forms.
  • (Save configuration)