This video is an overview of everything that you're going to learn in this series.

In this series, we’re going to take a look at how to prevent and deal with spam using Mollom. We're going to walk through creating a free account on and configuring our site to talk to the Mollom servers. We'll first see how to utilize the standard CAPTCHA form of protection on the user registration form. Then, we'll test out that form and see how it responds when the captcha if entered incorrectly, as well as how it responds when the captcha is entered correctly.

Then we'll take a look at the more advanced, user-friendly form of protection known as "Text Analysis". We'll protect the comment form on the article content type, and see how it responds when a comment is determined to be spam, and ham (Mollom's clever way of indicating content that is not spam). We'll also take a look at a feature that sets Mollom apart from other spam prevention methods and see how it responds when it is unsure whether content is spam or ham.

We'll also setup Mollom to protect the article creation form to show that Mollom can even analyze site content before it is published.

You can also setup custom blacklists to prevent spam, profanity and other unwanted content from making it to your site, so we'll see how to set that up. And then finally, we'll take a look at the statistics that Mollom provides. You can see how many spam attempts have been blocked, as well as legitimate posts, which is important to know so that you stay within the limits of your Mollom plan.