This video will show you where to get spam and ham statistics for your site so that you know whether or not you are staying within the limits of your Mollom plan.


The statistics tab shows you an overview of how much spam is being blocked, as well as how many legitimate posts are making it through. There obviously aren’t going to be any on this site, as it’s just installed on my local machine, but I’ll show you what this looks like on

Here you can see that there have been a large number of spam attempts on the site. I can drag the arrows below the graph to zoom in on a specific time frame. You’ll notice a large jump on October 30th. This is because prior to that I had created a new content type, and forgot to enable Mollom protection for the comment form on that contact type. So, I had been getting a lot of spam through for a while, until I realized what was going on. Once I enabled Mollom for the comment form, I stopped getting spam through to the site. I can’t express how much of a relief that was. As you can imagine, 3000 spam messages is a lot to weed through!

You can also view your statistics on If you log in there and go to the statistics section for your site, you can scroll down and see a little bit more information. I’m currently using the free account, which means I’m allowed 100 legitimate posts and 100 correct CAPTCHAs. This table shows how many posts and CAPTCHAs have been allowed through, and whether or not I’m within my limitations. From here you can decide if you need to upgrade to a different tier of the Mollom service.