This video shows how easy it is to add additional fields to the content slideshow. Then we add a pager and style it different than the image slideshow pager.

  • Edit the view
  • Add Fields
    • Content: Body
    • [ ] Create a label
    • Formatter: Summary or trimmed
      • Trim length: 300
    • Content: Post date
    • [ ] Create a label
    • Date format: Custom
      • Custom date format: m/d/Y (You can click the link to the PHP manual for more information on PHP date formats.)
    • Content: Link
    • [ ] Create a label
    • Text to display: Read more
  • Rearrange the fields: Title, Post date, Body
  • Save the view

There you go! You've got a slideshow of our five most recent blog posts. You could then tweak this just like we did with the image slideshow by adding a pager.

  • Edit the view
  • Add new field: "Global: View result counter"
  • [ ] Create a label
  • [x] Exclude from display
  • (Apply)
  • In the Format section, click "Settings" next to "Slideshow"
  • Under the "Top Widgets" section, check the box next to "Pager"
    • Pager fields: "Global: View result counter"
  • Expand the "Rewrite results" section
  • Check the box next to "Output this field as a link"
    • Link path: #pager (You can actually put anything here, but views won't accept just a "#".)
  • (Apply)
  • Save the view

Now, when we view the block, we have a pager. As you can see, the pager is using the styles we set up when we set the pager for the image slideshow. They don't look all that great for this slideshow, so let's make a couple of adjustments to this specific slideshow.

#widget_pager_top_recent_blog_posts-block.views-slideshow-pager-fields { /* Select the page fields inside the "Recent Blog Posts div */
position: relative; /* I want the pager to be inline instead of floating on top of the slides */
top: 0; /* Reset the position to remove extra space */
left: 0; /* Reset the position to remove extra space */
padding: 0; /* Remove extra padding */

Now, we have a pager at the top, and we can page through the most recent five blog posts. Keep in mind that this is just one example of how you could use this to display content.