In this video we will create the rule that will redirect the user.

Add new rule

  • Go to “Configuration => Workflow => Rules” (admin/config/workflow/rules)
  • Click "Add new rule"
    • Name: Redirect to profile edit page if empty field
    • React on event: (Under user, choose "User has logged in")
  • (Save)

Rules will be triggered when a user logs in and will check the condition below. If the condition is met it will do the specified action. Let’s add a condition that looks for the field to be empty.

Add Condition

  • Click "Add condition"
    • Select the condition to add: Data value is empty
    • Data to check:
      • site:current-user:field-birth-date (The “current-user” is the logged in user.)
  • Click "Save"

Add Action

  • Click "Add action"
  • Select the action to add: "Page Redirect" (Under system)
    • URL
      • Click "Replacement Patterns"
      • Under Replacement patterns for logged in user, Copy and Paste [account:edit-url] under URL value
  • (Save)