There are a number of places you can go to get help with Git. There's even help built-in that you can access directly from the command line!

Using "git help"

From anywhere in the terminal, you can type "git help" and press enter.

When you do that, you'll get a list of "The most commonly used git commands". We'll be going over many of these in this series, but if you want to know more about a specific command, simply type "git help ".

To demonstrate, I'll type "git help init" and press enter.

When I do that, we're shown more detail about how to use the "git init" command. We're given a synopsis, description and the options that can can be used with this command. As I scroll down, you'll see there are a lot of options, and at the bottom there is more information including examples of how to use the command.

You can do this any time you're not sure what a Git command does or how to use it.

I'll press the "q" key to get out of the help page.

Git documentation pages

The other place to get help is the official Git documentation. On this page, there are four sections for help.

  • The Reference Manual: This is the exact same content that you see when you type "git help ".
  • The Pro Git book: You can read the entire book online, download a copy, or purchase a printed book on Amazon.
  • Videos: There are a number of videos on the site. You can also search Google for most topics.
  • External links: These are recourses that have been curated, and is ever-evolving.