In this video we will allow a group to have roles that are different from all other groups on the site.

Configure roles for specific groups

On the homepage, go to "Group #2 (Private)" and click the "Group" tab, select "Roles(Read-only)". In here you'll see the list of the roles for group #2 including the ones that we've created as global roles. By default these are read-only, so in this case roles can only be configured for global roles and not the specific group. To configure roles for specific groups we have to add the "Group roles and permissions" field to the "Group" bundle.

  • Go to "Configuration => Organic groups => OG field settings" (admin/config/group/fields)
    • Bundles: Group
    • Field: Group roles and permissions
    • (Add field)

Next, we'll configure "Group #2 (Private)" to override default roles and permissions.

  • Click "Group #2 (Private)"
  • Click "Edit" tab
    • Group roles and permissions: Override default roles and permissions
  • (Save)

Create role for specific groups (Group #2)

Now, Let's create the role "Page Manager" for Group #2.

  • Click "Group" tab
  • Select "Roles" (Notice that the"(read only)" text is no longer next to "Roles" or "Permissions")
  • Type "Page Manager" (Notice that I now have the option to add a role to this group)
  • (Add role)

Now that the new role has been added, let's go to Group #1 and look at the roles, we see that there is no "Page Manager" for Group #1.

In the next video, I'll show you how to give new permissions to the role: "Page Manager".