This week I talk with Steven Jones of the Aegir Project.

Here are some of the questions I asked him

  • I’ve only heard of Aegir, but never actually used it. What exactly is it?
  • How did you get started with Aegir?
  • What kinds of things can Aegir do other than site install?
  • How does Aegir integrate with Git?
  • What sort of people is Aegir appropriate for?
  • How does Aegir compare to other tools like Pantheon or Acquia’s dev cloud?
  • What about tools like Puppet or Capistrano?
  • How can people get help?
  • What’s the future of Aegir?

Questions from Twitter

  • @TimeRaider: What are the plans for 7.x release and new Drush support?
  • @tgroff: What should distributions do to ensure Aegir compatibility?