This week Jeff Hanbury joins me to talk about the Livethemer project. A pretty sweet way to do Drupal theming. Here's the outline


  • What is Livethemer?
  • Why did you guys feel the need to create Livethemer?
  • How is this different from traditional theming?
    • How is traditional Drupal theming done?
    • How does livethemer work?
  • How does this affect performance
  • How can it be extended?
  • There are variations, collections and resources. What are those?

Use Cases

  • When would you recommend this over traditional theming?
  • When would you recommend traditional theming over Livethemer?
  • Is this something you’re comfortable with giving to clients?

Questions from Twitter

  • Tony Groff (@TGroff): I'd really just like to know more about their design process - #drupal never looked so good as @marmaladesoul sites, wow!
    • Do they start all sites with an in-house @livethemer distribution? Do they use style-tiles/mood boards?
    • Also interested if they design in-the-browser/Photoshop/Fireworks? Other #drupal design tool recommendations?thx!