Robert Douglass joins me this week to talk about the upcoming 2.0 release of Commerce Kickstart.

Commerce Kickstart

  • Kickstart is built off of Drupal Commerce. Most of my listeners will have at least heard of Drupal Commerce, but just in case, can you give us a very brief overview of what Drupal Commerce is?
  • What is Commerce Kickstart?
  • As of this recording, Kickstart 2.0 is in alpha3, when do you expect a stable release?
    • What are some of the release blockers?
  • Will some of the customizations be available to pre-existing sites? (ie, the theme)

Use Cases

  • Should you only use it for testing/experimenting? Or is it production ready?
  • Do you know of any live sites that are built off of Commerce Kickstart?
  • Do you think there will be a distribution for digital goods?

Questions from Twitter

  • A friend of mine has been checking out Drupal Commerce lately, and has been pretty frustrated with it. He’s coming from Ubercart in Drupal 6, and his main issue is that it’s a “NASCAR” of a project, and not an everyday driver. Can you comment on that? In his opinion, you need to know how to tune it properly before you can drive it.