Mike Pirog of East Bay Development joins me this week to talk about Twitter Bootstrap and how it integrates (and doesn't integrate) with Drupal.

Twitter Bootstrap

Before we decided to talk about Twitter Bootstrap, I had basically written it off. I thought things like, “this is for people who aren’t using a CMS. It probably doesn’t even work with Drupal.” And then when you guys suggested talking about it on the podcast, I thought, “Oh, I guess it can be used with Drupal... hmm...” So, I looked into it a bit, and it looks like it would be a good way for people with limited development experience to get a good looking site up, without having to know too much code.

  • Before we get into using Bootstrap with Drupal, can you explain what Bootstrap is by itself?
  • How does Twitter Bootstrap integrate with Drupal?
  • Are you guys using the Twitter Bootstrap theme from drupal.org? Or are you building something custom?
  • Let’s play devil’s advocate for a minute. Why would someone not want to use Twitter Bootstrap? What are its downfalls in regards to using it with Drupal?

Questions from Twitter

  • Ted Bowman: Other Twitter Bootstrap sites to give a good example of what it can look like? Made with Drupal or not.

Update: Mike let me know that they have finally put together a theme which incorporates all of things we talked about in the podcast and would love to pass people who end up on this podcast along to the theme. Kalatheme