Eric Peterson joins me this week to talk about the Better Statistics module and what kind of data you can collect about your site and your visitors.

Better Statistics

  • What kind of statistics are we talking about here?
  • Does this compare to Google Analytics?
  • Why make the module in the first place?
  • What is the Statistics API?
  • How can developers use the API?
  • Is there documentation?

Use Cases

  • What kind of data can be collected about users?:
    • In progress: Browscap [#1787488]
    • In progress: IP Geolocation Views & Maps [#1791526]
  • What data is collected on the page request:
    • How long did Views take to generate/execute/theme queries?
    • What entity/node was loaded?

Questions from Twitter

  • @nateswart:
    • What performance considerations/issues exist with Better Statistics? #drupal #MUP040
    • Specifically, Google Analytics uses a JS callback as opposed to this more server-side model. #MUP040 #drupal
    • Would you consider support for a "slave" database of sorts (for stats only)? Would that address performance issues? #MUP040 #drupal