This week Alex Weber talks with me about the Subs module. I'm particularly interested in this module as I'm going to be using it on Modules Unraveled in the near future.


  • Where did the idea for the Subs module come from?
  • In your opinion, what is the state of subscriptions in Drupal 7?
  • What are some other options for setting up memberships in Drupal 7?
    • Rules/Rules Scheduler
    • Commerce Subscription Product
  • Where are the gaps in the process that Subs plans to fill?
  • Why would someone want to use Subs instead of Rules etc.?
  • What's the current state of Subs? Is it ready for use in production sites?

Use Cases

  • What are the various ways that you can restrict access to content using Subs?
    • Subs Role
    • Integrate with NOPremium
    • Integrate with Profile2
    • Integrate with Organic Groups (soon)
    • Monthly (yearly etc.) membership sites
    • Sites which allow restricted access to certain content
  • What payment modules do you integrate with?

Questions from Twitter

  • Jerryitt: Where do you see sub's limitations versus other ways of doing this in drupal using rules etc? And whats planned for the future?