Deepak Gupta of joins me to talk about the Social Login module.

Social Login

  • Does this integrate with LoginRadius?
    • What is LoginRadius?
  • What does the Social Login module do for a Drupal site?
    • Does it just associate a social profile to a Drupal user, and let them login using that account instead of their Drupal username?
    • Can this be applied to a site that already has a bunch of users?
    • Is there any sharing of profile information between the various services and the Drupal account? ie: profile photo.
      • If the fields don’t exist on the Drupal site (ie. physical address) does this create fields for that? or just ignore it?
    • Does Social Login create share links too? So that when someone is logged in they can Tweet about a post or share it on Facebook?
    • I saw that this provides “Social Statistics”, what kind of statistics does this gather?
  • Which platforms are supported out of the box?
  • How is LoginRadius making money from this?
    • Is it due to the partnerships you have with companies like Mozilla Corporation and Microsoft?
  • What’s planned for the future of the module? (Or LoginRadius in general)

Use Cases

  • How would a site-builder benefit from this module?
  • What benefit does it provide as far as user engagement?