Thomas Seidl joins me to talk about Search API and some of its add-on modules that improve search in Drupal.

Search API

  • What does the Search API do that Drupal core doesn’t do?
  • Where did this project get started? and why?
  • Is there a possibility of getting this into D8 core?
  • Search Views
    • How does this integrate with Views?
  • Search Facets
    • What are Facets?

Add-on Modules

Backends for the Search API

  • Solr search
  • Database search
  • Fuzzy Search
  • Xapian
  • Sarnia
  • Mongo DB backend

Add-ons by Thomas

  • Search pages
  • Multi-index searches
  • Saved searches
  • Autocomplete

Add-ons by other maintainers

  • Search API attachments
  • Extended search page
  • Pretty Facets Paths
  • Search API ranges
  • Search API sorts
  • Search API context
  • Search API AJAX
  • Search API Location
  • Search API live results

Questions from Twitter

  • Damien McKenna (@DamienMcKenna): Any hopes to merge with ApacheSolr so one generic solution for searching rather than Solr getting so much direct development?
  • Damien McKenna: Any plans to add a storage-engine agnostic "more like this" feature?