This week Ezra Gildesgame talks about the Drupal Commons Distribution, what it is and the status of the Drupal 7 version.


  • What is Drupal Commons?
    • What do you mean by “social business software solution for organizations”?
    • What features does Commons come with? (What modules provide those features?)
    • Is there a place that lists the available features?
  • What’s the status of a Drupal 7 version?
  • How does Acquia make money from Commons?
    • Gets folks to consider Drupal where they might not have otherwise - specific sales situations or advancing Drupal in general
    • Support
    • Network subscriptions
    • PS engagements to partners
  • What are the plans for Commons after the initial release?
    • GDO
    • Network services
    • Feature additions
  • How can people get involved in working on Commons?

Use Cases

  • Can you name a few medium or high profile sites that are built off of Commons? (Either D6 or D7 is fine.)

How can people help?

  • If people want to get involved, where do you need help right now?
  • How can we try out the Drupal 7 version of Commons?

Questions from Twitter

  • Laughing Bird Ltd (@laughingbird1): Hi @ModsUnraveled @ezrabg @drupalcommons I need to understand if drupal / Acquia Drupal can work on local PC with Windiows 8. Thanks.
  • Donna Benjamin (@kattekrab): Can you also give us a quick update on the Conference Organising Distro?#MUP047
  • Nitin Mudgal (@nmudgal): Any thoughts/plans of VOIP integration with @drupalcommons in its core like for updating content? #MUP047