• On the it says that Kraftwagen is “Drupal for large (distributed) development teams and staged deployments.” Can you elaborate on what exactly that means?
    • (Rolf) pain of configuration in DB. Everything in code is essential. Standardized workflow
  • What do you mean when you say “Drupal for developers”?
  • It states that everything is in code. Does that include info from the database, like configuration?
  • How does this compare to the configuration management initiative in Drupal 8?
  • How does it integrate with multiple deployment targets like local, staging and live environments?
  • It mentions skeletons, what are those?
    • (Rolf) start points. mention scaffolding
  • So, how does this all work? What are the components of Kraftwagen?
    • (Rolf) kraftwagen (drush extension) and 2 important modules (kw-manifests and kw-itemnames). explain the workflow of Kraftwagen (setup, build, init db, update)
  • On the site is says something about Environment awareness, and mentions that the Devel module shouldn’t be enabled on a live server, but should on a development environment. I get around this by using a global git ignore file on my local machine that ignores the devel module. So, when I spin up a new site on my local machine, part of that process is to install the Devel module, but my system prevents it from ever being pushed anywhere automatically. How does Kraftwagen deal with that?
    • (Rolf) builds are not environment aware, but dependencies and manifests are.

Use Cases

  • Are you familiar with Aegir? How would you compare the two?