Global Track Chairs

  • Who is the global team and what do they do?
    Rick: The global team is our organizational memory in putting on DrupalCons. They have been local track chairs and they consult with the locals to guide us away from potholes and toward the best sessions. We have a North American and a European global track chair for our standing track: Coding & Development, Frontend, Site Building, Business and Strategy, and DevOps. Link:

  • Jozef, what is your role in DrupalCon Prague?
    Jozef: My role is to help the local track chair with anything he needs help with:) So mostly it is to support him, discuss various issues that arise during the whole preparation process and mostly during the session selection process.


  • Jozef, who do you work with on the Frontend track for Prague?
    Jozef: Together with my US global co-chair Ken Woodworth we work mostly with Jesper Woeldiche who is the local track chair and is doing an amazing job!

  • What is the theme of the track?
    Jozef: This year we wanted to focus on implementing established best practices in both design, workflow and code and exploring cases that stretch the boundaries of what can be done with Drupal. Since building function able, usable, high-performing and beautiful websites requires you to go beyond the framework itself.

So the MAIN THEMES are
De-druplifying the user and the editing experience
Mobile tools & techniques
Frontend performance
Interactive maps and visualizations

  • What gets you excited about being a global track chair for Drupalcon Prague?
    Jozef: I am always excited when I see the amount of great session submissions that we have each year. It is always great to see how much wisdom and experience there is within our community and that these experts are willing to share it. To me this is the true flavour of an open source community.

  • Rick, what are you excited about at DrupalCon Prague?
    Rick: I am excited about the innovations brought to DrupalCons by the local Prague team. The use of video on the site and for site submissions. From the popularity of the SASS/Compass triple BoF in Munich, I am very excited about the ½ day hands-on Labs sessions and I am excited at bringing that format to the North American DrupalCons.