• What is Bugherd?
    • bugherd is a bug tracker for web designers and developers. it embeds in the website you’re building and allows technical and nontechnical people to collaborate on the website as it’s being built. With a few clicks it allows clients or stakeholders to submit feedback or bug reports. It automatically collects a heap of data about the page, the content and even data about the users system, browser etc making it easier to replicate and resolve issues
  • Why do Drupal folks need to know about BugHerd?
    • freelancers and agencies spend time and money building websites for customers and until now have had to rely on screenshots and meetings to get input from their clients. By giving the clients the ability to give feedback directly on the site, it smooths the entire build process.
  • There’s a Bugherd module for Drupal. What was/is your involvement with that?
    • Dave Hall, a drupal contributor, was using BugHerd on a project with a client and created the drupal module to help him work with clients more effectively
  • What does the “admin” interface look like?

Drupal Module

  • the module provides basic integration at the moment, but in the future it will be able to automatically capture a heap of metadata about the user logging the issue, their id, email address or any other meta data you might like to collect.