• What is a fork?
    • It’s open source, folks! Forks happen!
  • Why are you forking Drupal?
  • My initial reaction was that you were starting it because you didn’t want to have to learn all of the new technology being used in D8, and therefore were cornering yourselves in the past... and I thought that eventually, you’d be so far behind, that learning “current technology” would be so cumbersome that you’d just stop learning and improving. I’m sure others are thinking the same thing, so how would you respond to that?
  • Is the Backdrop fork solely to enable developers comfortable with the current Drupal coding practices to be able to continue working with tools they already know?
  • What is D8 doing wrong, in your opinion?
  • What is D8 doing right, in your opinion?
  • Why are you personally going to use Backdrop instead of D8? Or, will you use both?

Drupal 8

  • I’ve heard a lot about performance. Some say it’s faster than D7, some say it’s slower... What’s the deal? Are some parts faster, and some slower?
  • Some people are saying that since we are incorporating existing external technologies we’ll gain experienced developers from outside the community. Others are saying we’ll lose current developers because of the new, steep, learning curve. Both scenarios have already started playing out. Do you think a year from now there will be a net gain or loss of Drupal contributors?
  • What is Backdrop doing wrong, in your opinion?
  • What is Backdrop doing right, in your opinion?
  • Why are you personally going to use D8 instead of Backdrop? Or, will you use both?

Other questions

  • From what I understand, D8 is working on the sitebuilder experience. As far as I know, backdrop will incorporate a lot of that work. Will sitebuilders really be able to tell the difference between the two?
  • Jen, what’s the deal with you and TWIG
  • Which CMS makes more sense for
    • Developers
      • Self-taught Drupal devs
      • CS degrees
      • people who spend a lot of time programming
      • “weekend warriors”
    • Themers
    • Sitebuilders
    • Clients
    • Drupal shops