Pantheon One

*First off, what is Pantheon One? Give us the elevator pitch.
* Product Overview: Pantheon One - What does it do, why it is good, who is it good for
* You guys have built custom distributions into this? How does that work?
* Custom Distributions: How it is easy to make your own custom distribution and use it with Pantheon One
* What’s the reason for Pantheon One?
* Industry Trend: Organizations don't just need one website, they need many websites.
* Why not just use Multisite?
* Technical Discussion: Drupal Multisite vs Git Upstreams
* Who is the target audience for this?
* Universities and other organizations with many sites

Pantheon One in the Wild

  • Is anyone already using Pantheon One?
    • Case Examples: UC Berkeley, ASU, Cornell - How these universities use Pantheon One to manage their custom distributions which power campus wide websites.

NodeSquirrel Ad

Have you heard of/used NodeSquirrel?
Use "StartToGrow" it's a 12-month free upgrade from the Start plan to the Grow plan. So, using it means that the Grow plan will cost $5/month for the first year instead of $10. (10 GB storage on up to 5 sites)