• What is WFTools?
  • What does the WF stand for?
  • How is this different from the workflow that hosts like Pantheon and #AberdeenCloud offer?
  • What’s the history of WFTools? Why does it exist?
  • What is the target audience?
  • What modules does WFTools contain?
    • WF
      • The base configuration feature for WF.
    • WF Environment
      • Entity module for managing the individual environments for the site. The wf_environment_generic module is a feature which contains the recommended configuration for WF Environment.
    • WF Job
      • Each change for the site is handled in a job which tracks the content, code and config (in code as features). wf_job_generic is a feature with a working configuration.
    • WF Site
    • WF Storage
      • Simple persistent key/value storage system.
    • WF User
      • Contains the roles and basic permissions required for a functioning WF management node.
    • WF Jenkins
    • WF Git
    • WF SSH
  • There’s an installation profile for this. Do I need to start with that? Or can I add this to an existing site?
  • Can I use this today?

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