• What is the Master module?
  • Does this integrate with Features?
  • How does this work in a Dev-Stage-Live configuration?
  • How do you go about defining your Master modules?
  • I was looking at your “Introducing Master” blog post, and noticed that any module that is not declared as either a master module, or a dependent of a master module are considered redundant and won’t be active on the site. Is that right? And what’s the reason for such tight control?
  • I saw that there was a D6 version, and that it had configuration in the UI. But it looks like the only way to use Master in D7 is with Drush is that right?
    • Are there any plans to introduce a UI in D7?

Use Cases

  • There are a few commands on the project page. “drush master-status”, “drush master-execute”, “drush master-removables” and “drush master-absent”. Can you explain what those are and what they do?
    • drush master-status
    • drush master-execute
    • drush master-removables
    • drush master-absent
  • What are scopes?
  • How can this be used to find modules that are enabled, but not in use?

Comments on your blog post

  • I'm curious, a lot of this functionality is similar to that of install profiles and features. Also it is very development oriented. Once the project ages and people forget to add dependencies to code, wouldn't the ensure command be a recipe for disaster? Maybe I need to try it to understand the exact purpose :)
    • If you've got a different workflow you might be interested in using the --no-disable option.

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