• First off, what is Indivizo?
  • Why is it a good approach to use video interviews in the selection process?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • What is your target group?
  • Switching to the technology side… What’s the biggest architectural decision when building a Saas app?
  • What are the pros and cons for these two?
  • Which direction was taken with Indivizo? Why?
  • What is the server infrastructure behind Indivizo?
  • What are the key modules of the installation profile of Indivizo?
  • How are the videos recorded?
  • You mentioned a question databank. How does that work?
  • Big organizations often have existing systems in place. Can you integrate with those?
  • What is it like to build a product with Drupal
  • Where are you at with Indivizo?

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