Drupal Core Mentoring

  • For someone who’s not familiar with it, what is it? Or how would you describe core mentoring?
  • How long have you been taking part in core mentoring?
  • Do you remember what your first experience was like? Was it scary?
  • What are some of the way’s you’ve helped in core mentoring?

Questions from Twitter

  • Cathy Theys
    • After contributing once, what made him keep goin?
    • Has he ever done something that didn’t get feedback, reviews or moved forward in some way?
    • How did he deal with that practically to get it moving, or mentally to not get him down.
    • What would he say to people who were frustrated by trying to help?
    • What are his goals?
    • What improvements to d.o would make it easier for him in his daily (or weekly) contributing tasks?
    • How much time per week does he estimate is on contributing?
    • Is it interest driven, or a byproduct of projects at work or contracts?
    • What ways does Marc contribute beyond writing patches?
    • Is Marc happy with the amount of contributing he does? If not, what barriers does he face?
    • Lots of people share that feeling: of wanting to do more, and see things fixed. Why? Is it that much fun? Addictive?

Your Experience

  • Do you have anything you’d like to say to someone who’s heard of core mentoring but not gotten involved?

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