Hi this is Brian Lewis from the Modules Unraveled Podcast. I just wanted to throw out a quick announcement that I'm going to be doing the podcast LIVE, hopefully from now on, but that will really depend on the guest that I'm talking to and whether or not they're comfortable with it.

Basically the way it will work is that we will do a live Google Plus hangout, which means it will be streamed on Youtube. So, I'll tweet out the link to the live feed before we begin, and you can just click the link to start watching.

Each episode will also have a hash tag associated with it, so episode 37 (which will be the first live podcast) will have the hash tag #MUP037 (for Modules Unraveled Podcast episode 37). So if you're listening live and have any questions, you can tweet your question and include the hash tag for that episode, and we'll answer your questions at the end of the show! So for those of you who have had questions in the past, but weren't able to get them to me before I recorded, or if you have ever listened and wanted to ask a question that I didn't, you can listen live and ask them on the spot!

I want to thank @Transition for being able to join us for a test run. He took a screenshot to show me what it will look like for the audience, and you can go actually check that out too! Just search for #MUP037 to see that screenshot.

The very first live recording will be with Mike from East Bay Development about Twitter Bootstrap and Drupal. So follow me on Twitter @ModsUnraveled for more information about that.

And in case you're curious, the podcast will continue to be edited and released on a weekly basis exactly as it is now, so if you live in a timezone where listening live would be difficult, you won't miss out completely.

That's all for now, so if you're interested, come hang out with us on September 6th 2012 at 1:00PM CST and we'll talk to you then! Bye.