Track Chair

  • Tell me about your vision for the track.
  • What are some of the sessions we can expect from the business and strategy track?
  • What are you most excited about at DrupalCon?

Featured Speaker

  • What’s the title of your talk and what are you talking about?
  • We’ve heard Mark talk about the Business & Strategy track theme. How does your session fit in with that?
  • Vesa, you’re on the Drupal Association board. What was the rationale in choosing to promote the Sydney conference to a fully-fledged DrupalCon and what effect do you think it will have on Drupal adoption in the region?


  • Mark, what are some other sessions in the track that you’re excited about?
  • Vesa, do you have any other plans for your visit to Australia?
  • Mark, where can people find out more about the track?