This week James Gollan gives us an intro to the training sessions that will be happening the day before DrupalCon Sydney

Questions for organizer

  • What is the theme of the conference?
    • Don't close the door to people outside the community
  • How did you get involved with choosing sessions?
  • What is the DA’s involvement in the session selection?
    • Donna Benjamin and Stephanie
    • Feedback to those that were not accepted.
  • What was the selection criteria?
  • What were prioritized in the submissions?
  • How many submissions were there?
  • How many were chosen.
  • Why are there three training sessions?
  • What are the three sessions?
    • DrupalEasy - Blue Collar Git
    • Lullabot - Plan, Build, Launch: Real-World Drupal
    • Commerce Guys - Commerce Kickstart