In this video, we will add a thumbs up "like" widget (similar to FaceBook) to comments.

Add widget

  • Go to "Structure => Rate widgets" (admin/structure/rate)
  • Widget type: Choose "Thumbs up"
  • (Next)

Widget Configuration Page

  • Title: Like
  • Tag: Like

Node Types

  • Name: Article
    • [x] Comment

Display Settings

  • Comment display
    • Below the content (This is same as node display, but for comments instead. So it will be placed below the comment)
  • Appearance in comments: Choose "Full widget"


  • Should a second click on the same button delete the vote?
    • [ ] No
    • [x] Yes
  • (Save)

Now, let's go to Article #1 and I will post a comment.

Post a new comment

  • Subject: Sample comment
  • Comment: This is a sample comment
  • (Save)

After saving the comment, you'll see the rate widget right below the comment. Using the same account, click the "thumbs up" button to rate the comment. After clicking the "thumbs up" button, you'll see the "Only you voted".

Let's switch to safari then rate the comment using Chelsea's account. When I do that it sys "2 users have voted, including you." And finally, if I log out on this account, we'll still have the permission to vote, see the comment and click the "thumbs up" button because we did not restrict voting to authenticated users.

Now that you understand how to add rating widgets to nodes and comments, the next video will be a quick run-through of the other rating widgets, including: "Thumbs up / down", "Fivestar", "Emotion", and "Yes / No" widgets.