Okay, now we might want to sort the articles in this view to show the highest rated first. Let's do that.

  • Click "Add" next to "Sort Criteria"
  • Choose "Vote results: Value"
  • (Apply (all displays))
  • [x] Sort descending (This will show highest rated first.)
  • [ ] Treat missing votes as zeros (I didn't notice a difference checking this or not, so I'm not sure how it works.)
  • (Apply (all displays))

Now we need to sort by the rating first, and then by post date.

  • Click the dropdown next to "Sort Criteria"
  • Choose "Rearrange"
  • Drag the "Fivestar Review" option above "Post date".
  • (Apply (all displays))

Now, our content is sorted by rating, and content with the same rating is sorted by post date. We can rate the different articles to see that in action.

In the next video we'll take a look at how to filter (or sort) by multiple rate widgets. It can get a little hairy, but if you follow along, you should be able to work it out for your site.