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050 Aberdeen Cloud with Aaron Porter - Modules Unraveled Podcast

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  • What is AberdeenCloud?
  • How does it affect development?
    • Version control - replace github?
    • dev / staging / live
  • Is AberdeenCloud just for development? Or can you host a live site on it as well?
  • What kind of scalability does AberdeenCloud offer?
  • What’s the pricing look like?
  • What kind of support is available?

Use Cases

  • How can clients and site owners use AberdeenCloud?
  • What does AberdeenCloud have to offer for site-builders?
  • What tools/features are available for developers?
  • What’s coming up in the future of AberdeenCloud?

Questions from Twitter

  • Paul Johnson (@pdjohnson): What tools exist in Aberdeen cloud to make devs lives easier? E.g continuous integration, scaling, monitoring, upgrading Drupal, db backup
  • Paul Johnson: How does Aberdeen cloud differentiate itself from @acquia and @pantheon_drupal?