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023 Earl Miles and Getting Views In Drupal 8 Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Earl Miles

This week the illustrious Earl Miles (@merlinofchaos) of the little known Views, CTools and Panels modules talks with me about his recent project to get Views into core for Drupal 8.

Here's what we talked about

  • There has been effort in the past to get views into core. How many times has it been proposed?
  • Why didn’t it pan out before?
  • What are you doing differently this time?
  • Why will it succeed this time when it has failed in the past?
  • Who’s on the team and what are their roles?
  • What does this mean for experienced Drupal developers/sitebuilders?
  • What does this mean for somebody who’s brand new to Drupal, trying it out for the first time?

Questions from Twitter

  • Paul Delsignore (@pdelsignore): wow, you got the big guy! ask him if the UI would change in 8, and if there are any expected additions.
  • Damien McKenna (@DamienMcKenna): Views 3 adds new widget types vs what D7 includes, will there be consolidation of these so core & Views work the same?
    • Earl: I actually have no idea what this question means.
      • Damien: The drop-down menus e.g. for the Operations menu on Views, vs the individual links on e.g. Context or Panelizer.
  • Damien McKenna: Will vdc still have separate modules for the core functionality vs UI, i.e. views.module vs views_ui.module?
  • Thomas Lattimore (@tlattimore): Why should views be in core vs contrib?
  • Thomas Lattimore: What portions of views are going into core, the API, the UI, all of if?

If you want to get involved and have a hand in getting Views into core for Drupal 8 click the chipin button below!

018 J. Ayen Green and the Drupal 7 Views Cookbook - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Jayen Green

The Drupal 7 Views Cookbook

J Ayen Green joins me to talk about his new book: "Drupal 7 Views Cookbook". He talks about what you'll find in the book, how the "recipe" format helps it stay small (300 pages) and the difficulty he plowed through to get it released.

The book is ideal for anyone, whether you're just starting to use Views, or if you can already import and export Views. The "recipes" you'll find inside are some of the most requested views configurations. If you're interested in buying the book, you can buy "Drupal 7 Views Cookbook" on Amazon! (This is an affiliate link, so, if you purchase the book through this link, not only will you be getting an awesome book by an awesome author... you'll also be helping the Modules Unraveled Podcast keep going!)

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That's it! We'll notify the winner via DM, and I'll announce it on the podcast in a couple of weeks!