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158 Using the Group module as an Alternative to Organic Groups in Drupal 7 and 8 with Kristiaan Van den Eynde - Modules Unraveled Podcast

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Group Module

  • What is the Group module?
    • A really awesome tool to basically create subsites within one site, private content, manage groups of people or all that combined.
  • Why did you create it instead of just using OG?
    • OG DX experience...
  • There are versions for D7 and D8. Which are you more focused on?
    • D8
  • How is the Group module different from Organic Groups?
    • Good question! The key difference is how the modules decide to structure their data, how that affects the user flow and how the configuration model is built.
  • What is the underlying architecture? OG uses entityreferences heavily. How does Group work?
    • Dedicated Group Entity
  • What’s the status? Is it usable now? (D7 and D8)
    • Available for Drupal 7 and 8, with the 8 version being a large improvement over D7. There’s a few minor things I need to add to the D8 version, but it looks and works great already!
  • Is there much difference between the Drupal 7 and 8 version?
    • Yes and no: the key concept remains the same, but the UX and data model was improved even further. I would really recommend going forward with D8 from now on if you have the chance.

Use Cases

  • Why should I use Group instead of OG?
    • UX, UX, UX
    • data structure
    • DX
    • But most of all: dedicated functionality, it will all make sense!
  • Users that get something special that you can’t do with Roles
  • Groups of people
  • Groups of content
  • There are so many!!!

Questions from Twitter

  • Michelle Lauer @bymiche
    How many subgroups can you nest? How are permissions inherited?
  • Michelle Lauer @bymiche
    Can you easily categorize roles within a group?
  • Michelle Lauer @bymiche
    If you have many roles and want to expose them to "managers" - for UX purposes, roles in categories would be easier to look at
  • Erich Beyrent @ebeyrent
    Sounds like a great UX, what about DX - is there a well-defined API as well?
  • Damien McKenna @DamienMcKenna
    Any plans to port some OG modules, e.g. og_menu or og_menu_single?
  • Damien McKenna @DamienMcKenna
    Would it be possible to create og_forum's functionality out of the box or will it require custom work?
  • Damien McKenna @DamienMcKenna
    Are the join forms configurable/fieldable?
  • Ted Bowman @tedbow
    Interested in this. Can you add fields to a membership?
  • Erich Beyrent @ebeyrent
    What doesn't Groups do? Are there features that you feel need to be added before 1.0 release?