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130 Building Sites with Drush Recipes and Profiler Builder with Bryan Ollendyke - Modules Unraveled Podcast

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Profiler Builder

  • What is Profiler Builder?
    • Profiler Builder was created cause I’m lazy and wanted to just build a site, then figure out the profile, not build both at the same time. My work on profiler builder started to lead me toward the notion that install profiles and distributions can be more of a pain then they are worth, hence recipes.
  • Is there anything that Profiler Builder doesn’t catch?
  • How are you using Profiler Builder?

Drush Recipes

  • What is the Drush Recipes plugin
    • Drush Recipes is a series of drush calls chained together in a lightweight command-file, similar to chef and it’s recipes / roles structure.
  • Why do this instead of just using standard drush calls?
    • You might need to mess around w/ it to get a sense of some of the things you can do with it since it’s a lot more then just chain automation as it supports branching path logic, automatic recipe authoring, drush commandline recording to author recipes, the ability to take two sites and engineer the difference between them (as drush calls), remote loading of recipes, etc.
  • I use TextExpander to do this, so I just type a shortcut, and my commands are filled in. How is using Drush Recipes different?
  • Use cases for this?
    • First-time site builds
    • Development/Testing
    • drush ddt
    • drup
    • dvr
    • Chain them together (reference)
    • dwr - Interactive (What theme do you want to install?)
    • Madlib (Tokenize Drush commands)
    • Reference Make files
  • Where can we see your recipes and contribute our own?