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079 The Clean Markup Module with René Haché and M Parker - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of René Haché and M Parker


  • What is the Clean Markup Module?

    • Allows a site administrator to configure the markup spit out by blocks and panels.
    • Submit feature requests and patches for other modules!
  • What does the module actually do?

    • Blocks:
      • On the block configuration page, there's a vertical tab with options for customizing the markup. e.g.:
        • Disable or set the HTML5 element to use as the block wrapper,
        • Enable or disable an inner div,
        • Add classes to the outer block element,
        • Add custom attributes (i.e. role="navigation")
        • Set the HTML5 element to wrap the title,
        • Toggle whether the block title is displayed visually,
        • Disable or set the HTML5 element to wrap the content.
    • Panels
      • Provides a pane style with similar markup options as the blocks.
      • Provides a region style with similar markup options as the blocks and panes.
        • Also lets you enable or disable separator divs between panes in the region.
      • Provides four clean panel layouts.
        • One Column Clean: one region and single wrapper.
        • One Column Reset: one region with no wrapper.
        • Six pack: six regions.
        • Myriad: five rows with four regions each that will output the absolute minimum markup. For example, a row with only one region will not output the row wrapper.
  • Where does it fit in with other modules?

    • Complements Display Suite
      • DS lets you customize node, user layouts.
    • Complements Fences.
      • Served as an inspiration to our module.
      • Really early on, our module was going to be a patch to Fences.
      • Fences deals exclusively with fields though.
    • Complements Mothership
      • Great HTML reset theme
      • Problem is that if you want to customize HTML element for a particular block, say, you have to write it's own theme files — on a site with lots of blocks, that gets unwieldy.
    • Semantic panels
      • Actually didn't know of this project originally.
      • Disclaimer: Have not used or worked with it.
      • Pretty similar to the panels part of our module.
      • Quick glance over the settings form suggests it provides fewer points of customization.
      • Have filed an issue to collaborate with them.
  • What's the future of the module?

    • Plan to support views.
      • Semantic views - it lets you customize the field and row wrappers, but doesn't support customizing view-header, view-content, view-footer regions and the view wrapper itself.

Use Cases

  • Is this best utilized during the initial development phase?
  • How easy is it to retrofit it into an existing site?

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016 Johan Falk and the Skill Compass module - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Johan Falk

Johan Falk (@Itangalo) has a new module out! Skill compass can help organize training on your website.

Some Features of Skill Compass

  • Easily create sites for learning
  • Break up subjects into interrelated topics
  • Organize resources from around the web, and create relationships between them
  • Vote relationships between topics up/down
  • Get suggestions for topics to learn based on what you already know
  • Browse graphical representations of "topic trees"
  • "Progressive permissions" - receive new permissions when you're active on the site
  • Caching (even for logged-in users)

Check out the site to see the module in action. and/or
Watch Johan demonstrate in a pair of screencasts.