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076 Omega 4.x with Sebastian Siemssen and Matt Smith - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Matt Smith

Omega 4.x

  • Omega 3 vs. Omega 4
    • No Layout Builder UI
    • No predefined breakpoints
    • No dependency on Omega Tools or need for Delta.
  • Sass, Compass & SMACSS
  • How does this work with Panels?
  • Will this be the route going forward for D8?
  • BEM class naming Syntax
  • Core CSS Cleanup
    • Easier to override
    • Split up stylesheets
  • Omega Layouts
  • Development tools (Guard / Grunt, LiveReload, etc.)
  • Manage assets (exclude CSS/JS, move JS to footer)
  • Manage browser compatibility (Chrome Frame, conditional classes, etc.)
  • Split up preprocess, process and theme functions
  • Drush Integration
    • drush help --filter="omega"
  • Ohm

Use Cases

  • What prompted the major overhaul?
    • This reminds me of the conversation going on around D8 right now.
    • How long can people keep using 3.x?
  • What does this mean for site-builders?
  • What does it mean for themers?
  • How does Omega 4.x compare to other base themes like AdaptiveTheme and Aurora?
  • When should we expect a stable release?

Questions from Twitter

  • Dirk Bazuin (@dbazuin): #MUP076 will there be templates made with
  • Kendall Totten (@KendallTotten): Is there a timeline for when we can expect all the Panels integration to be wrapped up in Omega 4.x? It sounds fantastic :) #MUP076

009 Larry Garfield and The Future of Drupal Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Larry Garfield

Larry Garfield (@Crell), who is the "Web Services and Context Core Initiative Lead", talks to me about WSCCI and how it will fundamentally change the way Drupal's back-end will function in Drupal 8. He starts out by talking about what web services are and how they work, then he talks about how Drupal 8 will incorporate REST and Symfony2 into core. He also gives an idea of how this will (or will not) affect Drupal module developers and site builders.