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108 Updates on Drupal 8 Development with Larry Garfield - Modules Unraveled Podcast

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Drupal 8

  • What’s the status of WSCCI, SCOTCH etc?
  • What do you think will be held off until Drupal 8.1
  • What else have you been working on since the last time we talked?
    • Getting off the island
    • FIG
  • How have all of the initiatives influenced each other.
  • Changes for developers?
    • OOP
    • Drupal 8 Acquia Webinar
  • Changes for sitebuilders?

Questions from Twitter

  • Marc Drummond
    Are you arguing with @eaton right now? How about now? What about this moment? Or the next?
  • Marc Drummond
    Serious question. I'm trying but still struggle with learning OO concepts and patterns. Good resources?
  • Marc Drummond
    I keep trying to get my head around concepts like Factory methods and things like that. Hurts my brain!
  • MD
    D8 API documentation? You're D7 Module Development book was excellent in content and timing. Anything similar?
  • Ted Bowman
    What new types of things will b possible n Contrib modules in #drupal8 that weren't possible previously
  • M Parker
    There’s a new in-code documentation portal at and has more
  • Jesus Manuel Olivas
    Interesting contributed projects already on #drupal8 or that could be great to have as webprofiler, @stackphp?