This video walks through setting up the image styles needed for various slideshows, as well as creating the content type for our slides

We'll create an image slideshow first because it's an often requested feature. Later, we'll create a content slideshow.

Create Image Styles

The first thing we need to do is create the image styles we want to use for our slideshow.

  • Go to "Configuration => Media => Image Styles" (admin/config/media/image-styles)

Image Style: Page

First, we'll create a style to use for a page display.

  • Click "Add Style"
  • Style name: featured_content
  • Effect: Scale and crop
    • Width: 960
    • Height: 400

Image Style: Block

Now, we'll create a style to use in a sidebar block.

  • Go Back to "Image Styles"
  • Click "Add Style"
  • Style name: featured_content_block
  • Effect: Scale
    • Width: 170
    • Height: Leaving this blank will allow each image to be whatever heigh corresponds to a width of 170px without stretching or compressing the image.

Create Content Type

  • Go to "Structure => Content types => Add content type" (admin/structure/types/add)
  • Name: Featured Content
  • Description: Featured content will be displayed on the "Featured Content" page as well as in the "Featured Content" block.
  • (optional) Publishing options: Not promoted to front page
  • (optional) Display settings: don't display post information
  • (optional) Comment settings: Hidden
  • (optional) Menu settings: no available menus
  • (Save and add fields)
  • Add new field
    • Label: Featured Content Image
    • Field Type: Image
    • Widget: Image
  • (optional) File directory: featured_content/images
  • Enable Alt field: yes